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About Us

Cadco is a powder coating job shop that actually started as a hobby in 200 square feet of work space. That was 6 years ago. Today we also do ceramic coatings for headers, exhaust manifolds and internal engine parts. We have grown from 200 square feet to over 1200 square feet. We specialize in restoring vintage auto and motorcycle parts. We also powder coat atv, gokart frames as well as wheels and many other parts. We powder coat any substrate that can withstand the curing temperature. We built our own curing oven, which has the capability of reaching 700 degrees, which affords us the opportunity to ceramic coat.

After having ran our powder/ceramic coating operation, we decided to create several training vehicles which would help others to start and run there own powder coating business. We created a DVD that shows and explains all of the equipment needed to start your own powder coating business along with the cost of the equipment. There is live footage on the DVD showing all the steps of powder coating. There is a training manual on CD that will direct you in how to set your business up, pricing your services, niche markets, advertising etc. Also, we have available a illustrated CD showing how to build your own curing oven and save thousands of dollars over retail cost. You can purchase these vehicles separately or as a complete package.

You can reach CADCO at cadco1@comcast.net

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