Powder Coating is the fastest growing method of finishes in today’s market place. It is becoming a cottage industry due to demand and simplicity of application. There are numerous opportunities for applying powder coating to a broad array of new or old products.

You can powder coat any metal or substrate that can withstand the curing temperature of the powder being applied. This opens up numerous possibilities for making money applying powder coating to such products as: Automobile, Motorcycle, ATV, Gokart parts, Architectural, Household items and hundreds of other applications.

Powder coating is environmentally friendly. There are no VOC,s released into the atmosphere when applying powder coating. No solvents and easy clean up makes powder coating the coating of choice in today’s market place.

We at Cadco have created several training vehicles by which you can learn the art and technique of powder coating

Everything you need to start a powder coating
business can be yours.


Price includes: Powder Coating for Fun or Profit(DVD), Build Your Own Powder Coating Oven(CD),
Powder Coating Training Manual(CD), and Business Forms(CD)
Oven DVD

Build Your Own Powder Coating Oven - CD

Illustrated CD showing detailed step by step instructions on how to build your own Powder Coating Oven and save thousands of dollars. All materials, tools, fabrication and assembly are covered.

This is a 58 inch x 58 inch x 8 foot (outside dimensions) oven that is large enough to cure auto/motorcycle wheels, ATV and Motorcycle frames, lawn furniture etc. This oven has the capability of reaching 700 degrees F.


Powder Coating for Fun or Profit - DVD

Powder Coating for Fun or Profit - DVD

Detailed instructional step by step DVD that shows the technique, equipment, and cost of powder coating. Each piece of equipment will be explained, with cost estimates. Actual live powder coating footage showing substrate preparation, application and curing. Everything you need to start powder coating.


How to Start Your Own Powder Coating Business - DVD

How to Start Your Own Powder Coating Business

Instructional DVD: Featuring Live footage, Equipment, Preparation, Application and Cost.

Detailed Illustrated Business Manual CD featuring:

  • Types of Powder
  • Pricing Your Service
  • Your Market Niche
  • How to Write Your Business Plan (8 steps)
  • Substrate Preparation
  • Application
  • Trouble Shooting

4 Business Forms CD: 4 Must have business forms that have built in formulas that do the math computations for you:

  • Capital Spending Chart
  • Cash Flow Chart
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement

Just plug in your numbers and the forms do the work!!!


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